Liness "Wolfie" The Husky Shepard (2017 - 2019) was one of LW Leon's dogs, his to be specific. He was a yellow and white Husky - German Shepard mix. He was born with at least three other puppies including Bonnie, another dog who appeared on the channel.

Wolfie and Bonnie both appeared in "Brief Conversation with Jack Skellington" (now unlisted), in which played The Phantom of Darkness' implied police dog.

He also made several cameos throughout the original run of The Phantom of Darkness.

He died on May 28, 2019. He was put down by the vet after he got sick of unknown causes. Supposedly, he ate some antifreeze while running around loose, which is very fatal to anyone. One month after his death, Skinny The Cat disapeared.

Trivia Edit

  • Wolfie's real name is Liness.
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