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Venom in Venom (2018)

Venom is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with Spider-Man. He also bonds with The Phantom of Darkness. The character is a sentient alien Symbiote with an amorphous, liquid-like form, who requires a host, usually human, to bond with for its survival. After bonding with a human host, the Symbiote bestows its enhanced powers upon the host. When the Venom Symbiote bonds with a human, that new dual-life form usually refers to itself as "Venom". The Symbiote was originally introduced as a living alien costume in The Amazing Spider-Man #252 (May 1984), with a full first appearance as Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (May 1988).

The Venom Symbiote's first human host was Spider-Man, who eventually separated himself from the creature in The Amazing Spider-Man #258 (November 1984)[2] (with a brief rejoining in Web of Spider-Man #1, five months later),[3] when he discovered its true nefarious nature. The Symbiote went on to merge with other hosts, most notably Eddie Brock, its second and most infamous host, with whom it first became Venom and one of Spider-Man's archenemies.


The Phantom of Darkness 

Venom had crawled onto The Phantom at some point, and listened to his explaination of why he didn't like Christmas Season much, when it crawled onto him and insisted that they took care of the problems of the holidays together, by finding and eliminating all Trolls and Bullies associated with The Phantom, and also go after "Phonies". The Phantom, partially by force, agreed. 

The Phantom and Venom will feature in the Surround Productions Christmas special, where The Phantom will dress as Santa Claus and attempt to kill Trolls, Bullies, and Phonies with Venom.  

Venom will create a duplicate of The Boogiemask Phantom which will capture Santa and sing Oogie Boogie's Song from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is possible that this part might be scrapped if it fails to meet the Christmas Deadline.  

The Special is estimated to be finished and released on all channels on December 20, 2018. 

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