The Phantom of Darkness is an american YouTuber who is an individual in a mask who possesses multiple abilities, supernatural and non-supernatural, including teleportation, fire generation, and soul stealing.

He is the former face of the Surround Productions YouTube Channel, who proved to be unsuccessful with viewers for the most part. He garnered little to no attention.

He has made several jumps from good to evil. He seemed as an Anti Hero in 2018, but he showed his true colors in The Christmas-Eve Masquerade-accre.

After a near year hiatus, he returned in The Surround Productions Halloween Special, entirely a villain. He supported the Infinity Gauntlet, and a new appearance, retaining his half mask.

He died from the impact of the snap, like Iron Man will in a few years, in the previously mentioned Halloween Special. He returned as a corpse from The Land of The Dead in The Surround Productions Christmas Special, appearing in the final half of the video.

After being snapped out of existance by LW Leon, he appeared to have moved on from his corpse form, into his final death.

Appearance Edit

The Phantom originally wore a blank, white mask which resembled The Phantom Of The Opera. Starting in April 2018, he began wearing a White Half Mask, also nodding the said icon, except with a black and orange eye illustration, and a frown drawn on the side. In August of that same year, he was seen with a new mask (Supposedly the same mask, story wise) with a black and red eye piece and a redesigned mouth illustration, which resembles Jack Skellington, the iconic protagonist of The Nightmare Before Christmas. In September, he temporarily wears a half mask with a black and green eye drawing and a slasher smile illustration, which was designed after Oogie Boogie, the antagonist of said movie.

Originally, his reign was supposed to continue after The Masquerade-accre, and more masks were going to be created for his character, such as a white and blue one which had electrical shock power, and a white and purple one with unknown power. However, these ideas were scrapped and he will instead return with his 3rd mask.

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Character Edit

The truth is, that's why I'm here. I have acended from The Dark Side. It's time to put the previous era behind us, and let The Dark Era.............BEGIN!
~ The Phantom of Darkness, in his channel trailer
The Phantom of Darkness was created as an intentional contrast to the majority of YouTube. Intended as a way of expression, he eventually became his own character.

As a character, he started off as evil, sadistic, creepy, and could even be seen as a dictator to other characters on the channel.

As he expanded, a new direction was taken, where The Phantom was an Anti Hero rather than being an Antagonist.

That seemed to be the case for a little while, until November 2018, with IT'S NOT CHRISTMAS, a now removed video. This video was made as a message from LW Leon, expressing his dislike towards Christmas in November. 

After this was unsuccessful, The Phantom teamed up with Venom. Eventually, it got to the point where he was convinced to eliminate everyone who was causing trouble for him on Christmas Eve: His former bullies and Anti Christmas individual. 

After 6 people were killed, The Phantom went missing. He has been missing for months. It is unknown where he went after, he may have been caught by the police, shot down by US Forces, or he could just be hiding somewhere. 


With just the snap of a finger, just the snap of a finger-- (snaps the gauntlet), I can destroy all of you, and there's nothing you can do about it.
~ Final words of The Phantom of Darkness
The following October, The Phantom of Darkness returned to Surround Productions, now complete with a white tanktop, some black jeans, and amazingly, the Infinity Gauntlet. 

The Phantom mentions that he challenged Thanos to a bet, in which he would have the Infinity Gauntlet (a remodel) with all the Infinity Stones if he could beat him, which he shockingly did somehow.

He was caught up in monologing about how he was gonna wipe out his enemies with just the snap of a finger, during so, he snapped the gauntlet.

However, the power was unsustainable, and The Phantom was unable to sustain the power of the Infinity Stones. Therefore, he died in the process of snapping The Infinity Gauntlet, not without wiping out more of the universe, succeeding Thanos.

Dethroning Edit

In January 2019, after the flop of The Christmas-Eve Masquerade-accre, it was planned to dethrone The Phantom for a new character called The CorpseTuber to take his place as the host, but this plan has also been canned.

While all plans to remove or replace him have been dismissed, The Phantom of Darkness will no longer be the host of Surround Productions, and the actor himself, LW Leon, will be the host instead.

Video Game Appearances Edit

Master 2018-0
The Phantom of Darkness is a downloadable CAW created by LW Leon in the game WWE 2k18 in Community Creations, exclusively to the PS4 Port. He wears his White, Orange and Black Half Mask and he was released with Bruce Blitz, Tom Bergeron, and Minty (Comedic Arts).

Video for WWE 2k18:

The Phantom also appeared in WWE 2k19, along with Santa Phantom. It is debatable if he will appear in WWE2k20 in 2020.

Phantom 2k18

The Phantom preparing for battle in WWE 2k18

The Phantom 2k18

The Phantom in WWE 2k18

Profile Pic-0

Trivia Edit

  • The Phantom of Darkness character was inspired by many horror characters, such as, obviously, The Phantom of The Opera (his 1st mask and hiding), Freddy Krueger (Fire Teleportation and Nightmare Invading), as well as pro wrestler The Undertaker (Entrances, Music, ext.)
  • Common belief goes that his first mask was to resemble The Phantom of The Opera, but it also had inspiration from Undertaker's white mask used in the mid 90's, which was also inspired by The Phantom of The Opera.
  • The Current (Third) and Fourth Masks both take inspiration from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Third Mask has a mouth illustration like the predecessor, except with a bit of modification to resemble Jack Skellington. The Fourth Mask uses a crazy, madman gimmick, and has a wide smile on the side, which is to resemble Oogie Boogie.
  • Has nothing to do with PhantomOfDarkness, a YouTuber known for telling horror stories.
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The Master with a Snake

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The Phantom and Scar

The Phantom of Darkness-0

The Phantom of Darkness returns in August 2018

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