Daniel Cerny as The Kid

The Kid is a very powerful being throughout Surround Productions, as well as originally the main antagonist of Demonic Toys


Throughout the Surround Productions channel, he makes no full appearance in his original form. He appears in the original Demonic Toys movie where he tortures Judith Grey and tries to rape her in his real form. However, he doesn't succeed, and he's impaled with a sword. The Kid was played by former child actor Daniel Cerny, who also was in Childern of The Corn III. The original Demonic Toys marks the only Canon appearance of The Kid by Full Moon Features.

In the fanfiction Hellboy vs Demonic Toys, he makes a brief appearance, as "The Man", implying that he had aged over time, despite being killed. He hands over the responsibility of the toys to Custer Kurtz, as he leaves him to work. 

In the Surround Productions YouTube Channel, he makes an appearance as "The Cat", played by Skinny and voiced by LW Leon. He mentioned it would only be temporarilly though, because he wasn't really a big fan of being a cat.

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