The StoryEdit

The Endless Elevator is a video about a brave red haired man named "You" You explore this creepy old elevator encountering an evil version of "You" with a severed head. Then later a bunch of zombies you end up fighting with katana. You walk down a hallway on the next floor possibly the top floor? But anyway you end up finding a delicious mouthwatering KFC fried chicken you the hungry soul about to dig in A "slash" from a blade chopped it in half and the food fell into the cold snow. At first a tear came down you haven't eaten all day then rage............

You looked up and saw Dark Colonel Sanders. "I've been waiting for you....for a long time now...time to battle."

You and Colonel lash and slash their swords together you stab colonel in the chest killing him for vengeance you raise your sword in bloody victory.

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