The Christmas Eve Masquerade-accre (sometimes spelled Masscaradeaccre) is The First Christmas Special of Surround Productions, featuring The Phantom of Darkness as Santa Phantom. The video depicts The Phantom and Venom killing people, specifically those who are trying to ruin Christmas, as well as those who have hurt The Phantom.  

It is the second video to get lots of dislikes on it's debut, and most notably it had 8 dislikes per part (16 total) and a small amount of likes. 

It is the first video to be in 2 parts and has more individuals aside from LW Leon. The moral goes that you reap what you sow. 

LW Leon has been really angry about the failure. He removed the rating feature (likes and dislikes) for his own personal convenience. Both parts are now unlisted.  

The failure also caused The Phantom to be dethroned as the main focus.  


The Christmas-Eve Masquerade-accre was a massacre that occured on December 24, 2018, in which 6 People died. The perpetrators include Venom, The Mask (Phantom), and The Phantom of Darkness (as Santa Phantom).  




Follow Up Edit

Possibly, there will be a follow up to this special where The Phantom is confronted by a new character and LW Leon himself.

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