The Surround Productions Logo is the ident for the company Surround Productions, which consists of a spiral on a black background. The Spiral often differs in color, while it's usually blue, it is sometimes red or green, or both, The Christmas Variant will have snowflakes falling down the screen.

Nicknames Edit

"The Radio Tower Signal" "The First Surround Productions Logo"


Screenshot 2017-08-14-16-37-45
Screenshot 2017-08-08-12-38-40

On a black background, we see a small circle appear within a sudden jumpcut. Bigger circles surround it and the word "SURROUND" flys upwards and "Productions" flies to the right from the left of the screen. When it hits the left side, the "P" is still visible. Then, "SURROUND PRODUCTIONS" fades in and then out.  

Trivia Edit

The first Surround Productions logo.

Variants Edit

  • One variant has a red spiral instead of a blue one.
  • A green version of the logo exists. There is also one where only the spiral is green.
  • A Christmas Themed one with snow going down the screen has been appearing in the recent string of videos, including The Phantom of Darkness Unmasking. It is often ice blue, but under the editing it is only a slightly edited copy of the Red Spiral Variant.



Music/Sounds Edit

None, usually.

Music/Sounds Variants Edit

None, usually.

Availibility Edit

Common. The Standard, Blue Spiral is seen on almost all videos by Surround Productions, alongside the Nofootage Incorporated logo. It is also a huge piece of Surround Productions in it's promotional material. The Red Spiral Variant is rare and hard to come by, but it is the profile picture of Surround Productions 2.0, which is the backup account for Surround Productions, which is being ran by Ben14delas. The Green Spiral Variant can be seen mostly on videos involving The Mask. The Christmas Variant will be used up until the end of The Christmas Eve Masquerade-Accre or the end of December, and will be reused in Christmas Season 2019.

Scare Factor Edit

Original, Red and Green Spiral Variant: Low to Medium. The sudden jumpcut might startle a few, but otherwise, it's far tamer to the actual content. However, one variant is succeeded by the "I AM GOD" Sonic.exe jumpscare, which would rank it to High, and is often times preceeded by the Nofootage Incorporated logo.

Christmas Variant: None for the normal one, but the Ice Blue Variant is Low.

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