The Surround Productions Halloween Special is a 37 minute compilation of spooky themed videos starring LW Leon (credited as Leon Woodworth).

It is notable for being the first video to have more than 2 or 3 people besides Leon, with several different local residents being casted, as well as The Phantom of Darkness' first appearance since The Christmas-Eve Masquerade-accre, the infamously known Christmas Special of Surround Productions. It is also notable for killing off The Phantom.

Segments Edit

  1. Opening
  2. This is Halloween
  3. Godzilla Watch
  4. Dead Bart
  5. The Wind
  6. Dead Bart Update
  7. Just a skeleton playing Solitare
  8. Spider-Man goes trick or treating
  9. Resident Evil save room theme on piano
  10. The Anonymous Intrusion
  11. Jack's Lament
  12. The Phantom interrupts this program
  13. Closing
  14. End Credits

Cast and Characters Edit

LW Leon - Himself, The Phantom of Darkness, The Television Demon, The CorpseTuber, Zombie, Vampires, The Cardinal, Werewolf, Purgatory Guard, Alligator Puppet, Anonymous (3 individuals including Grandpa Anonymous), Jack Skellington, Spider-Man and Venom

Cousin Amari as The Grim Reaper

Austin Schultz

Tyler Kubizewski

Griffin Shaftner

Coach Rempfer

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike most Surround Productions videos, this one was in production for months, having numerous revisions.
  • Skinny The Cat appeared through archive footage due to his disappearance in June 2019. Additionally, Mocha The Cat was supposed to appear in the special, but she did not, due the segment she was in being cut.
  • There were originally only 3 segments, including This is Halloween and Jack's Lament live action.

Gallery Edit

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