Dale Fester, better known as Splitside Jester Fester, is a mentally ill serial killer who has killed over 20 people as of April 2018. He is currently in prison.  

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The Jester


He paints his face with a white bloch on the left side, and a Joker style scar on the right side, having two sides of facepaint gives him the name, as well as his personality.

He's often seen with a spiked skull mace, which is a tradition in the Fester family, according to Deadbird.

Personality and CharacterEdit

He is much reminiscent of The Joker, meaning he laughs similarly and acts similarly. He bares somewhat of a resemblance. When Fester is motivated, nothing gets in his way, unless he can't do anything about it (when Edward used the powers of Loki's Mask to eat his mace and puke it up). He does show signs of being a coward every now and then. However, he is responsible for 20 accounts of murder, and ever since his last appearance, he has been locked up in prison. 

Mask Persona

While wearing Loki's Mask, he speaks in a German accent, and nothing really changes, aside from The Mask's powers.

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Fester in his Mask form


  • Originally, he was only part of The Mask Legacy series.
  • Bares a striking resemblance to The Joker. 
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