RejectedGamer230 (real name Jacob Delashmit) is the third and youngest member of Surround Productions. He sometimes does videos on Path of Exhile. Like LW Leon, he also has Diabetes. He is the younger brother of Ben14delas (real name Alex Delashmit). RejectedGamer can be seen commenting on most of the videos, and he is also known to be the second official subscriber, preceeded by The Evil Master.

RejectedGamer230 Edit

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The youngest member of Surround Productions but also the 2nd tallest. I do not get out much but i do get out sometimes i love to practice drawing and stuff.Surround productions get together once maybe twice per year.
  • Member of surround productions
  • pretty good at designing and drawing
  • Good at games (obviously)

thing that it am working on Edit

i'm finished making the logo the is page is gonna be my history page and logo history too. In the future i want to be working on some artw

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ork for surround productions
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Before surround productons Edit

before surround productions i used to be depressed and have nothing to do except do normal life be bored all day and all night to some art work (very bad back then but got better over time. WIP

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