The Nofootage Logo is the ident for the second division of Surround Productions, Nofootage Incorporated. It features Creepypasta character [1]Sonic.exe (as it was originally the Creepypasta division) heading towards the screen, and disapears. It then shows him standing on a black background with the channel name at the bottom of the screen.


Nicknames Edit

"Nofootage Logo" "Nofootage Incorporated Logo" "Sonic.exe" "I will kill you"


On a black background, Sonic starts heading toward the screen and gets closer every couple seconds. When he gets the closest he can get, he disappears. He then is seen standing in the middle of the screen, with the words "NOFOOTAGE INCORPORATED" fading in and out at the bottom.

Trivia Edit

  • The word "Nofootage" originated from the days when LW Leon referred to the Oz Film Company logo as the "no footage logo" as he didn't show this logo in his lists as at the time he was too frightened by it.
  • The This is Halloween was originally to feature the "I AM GOD" screamer in place of Jack Skellington in the logo, but it was switched in the theme of the song's movie.

Variants Edit

  • There is a variant which is featured on a white background in which Sonic and the channel name just fade in and out.
  • Occasionally, the infamous "I AM GOD" screamer from the Sonic.exe game transparently pops up towards the end.
  • In This is Halloween Live Action, the logo has more of a contrasted tint with Jack Skellington's face popping up on Sonic. It was originally supposed to be the "I AM GOD" Screamer. (See Trivia)
  • There does exist a variant with no sound.
  • Some videos skip Sonic flying at the screen and just show the logo itself with the fade animation.
  • One variant has blood splattering at the front of the screen.


The Grizzly Voice saying "I will kill you" in the beginning, and the evil laughter in the end (which is actually The Grim Reaper).

Music/Sounds Edit

The Classic Sonic Drowning Theme.

Cheesy Factor Edit

It was made with VideoPad Editor on Kindle Fire.

Music/Sounds Variants Edit

  • Sometimes, the drown jingle is lower pitched in the same style as the Sonic.exe Sega Genesis game.
  • It's completely silent sometimes.

Availability Edit

Common, seen on a good deal of Surround Productions videos where it took secondary credit, alongside the Surround Productions logo.

Scare Factor Edit

Depending on The Variant:

Normal Variant: High. The voice and laugh as well as Sonic.exe will unnerve some people. Not to mention the drowning theme in the background, which is already infamous for being unsettling.

Jumpscare Variant: High.

White Background Variant: Low. Sonic.exe is present, but it's tamer.

This is Halloween Variant: Medium to High. The change in contrast may catch some off guard, but it might be tamer since Jack Skellington cameos in this logo.

Blood Splatter Variant: High.

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