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Nofootage Incorporated (spelled as "NOFOOTAGE INCORPORATED") is the second channel owned by LW Leon. Unlike Surround Productions, it is not used often. As of 2018, there is only one video up on it's official channel which is the Nofootage Logo.

The channels logo is often in Surround Productions videos, so that the videos have credit when they get released to the channel.

Jacob Bon Grim is used for the channel's mascot, much like The Phantom of Darkness is used for Surround Productions.

History Edit

Nofootage Incorporated was initially pitched as the "Creepypasta Division", however, the stories created were not very well written and removed from Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki. Prior to three stories being rejected, the channel/company was primarily used for secondary credit (backup).

However, it may see a return to Creepypasta before the end of 2018.


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For the logo, the infamously known Sonic.exe is used (due to it's original premise) and starts off flying at the screen. It then shows him standing, with the logo underneath him. It is usually accompanied by the Classic Sonic Drowning theme, with an evil laugh.

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