Hellboy VS Demonic Toys kill count

Name of Victim Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Note
Unidentified woman Decapitated, heart ripped out Custer Kurtz Yes
Unidentified man Unknown Jack Attack, Baby Oopsie Daisy No
Griffin Jacobsen Shot in the head with pistol, impaled with blade Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, Baby Oopsie Daisy Yes
Kyle Jacobsen Impaled with blade, hand bitten off, carried into portal to Hell Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, Grizzly Teddy, Custer Kurtz Yes
Tom Manning Punched down, shot in the head Hellboy Yes
Mr. Static Melted in a fire Hellboy Yes
Cassidy brothers Shot, stabbed and dragged into the darkness Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, Mr. Static, Custer Kurtz Yes
Jack Attack Shot in the head with pistol Liz Sherman Yes
Unidentified teenage girl unknown Baby Oopsie Daisy No
Karl Ruprecht Kroenen Head eaten off Grizzly Teddy Yes
Baby Oopsie Daisy Shot in the head Hellboy Yes
Grizzly Teddy Head burned off by Hellfire Hellboy Yes
Custer Kurtz Shot and stabbed Hellboy and Liz Sherman Yes
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