Sitting down at her piano looking forward into the stary night sky, Reba yawned stretching her arms out.

"Writing a brand New song can be hard." She reached for her glass of water next to her then took a sip.

Suddenly knocking was heard.

"Come in."

A head with silky blond white hair and blue eyes as blue as the sky poked her head in.

"Reba come down stairs mom wants us." She smiled at the her sleepy sis with messed up hair.

Reba smiled back "Ok sis." Reba jumped up full of energy and dashed down stairs with her sister while humming to herself a cheery song was in her head.

"Hey mom!" The girls greeted her cheerfully then smothering her in hug since they were little girls.

  1. "Girls! Girls! Sit down please we've got important stuff to talk about." She tried to pry them off her with her hands

"Ohhhhh sorry." Both the Red and Blonde sat down at the same time. Both excited for the News.

"A singing competitan is coming up next week for you girls. Have you both been practicing?"

The Red and Blonde looked at each other then back at their mother.

"Yes we have." They smiled

"Let's hear your voice first Reba." Her mother smiled looking at her.

Reba stood up strong and proud.

"Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the angels watch over me!" Rebas voice sounded beautiful, impressive for the age of a fifteen year old girl. Like a voice youd hear from heaven. This was natural a natural gift from her. As she always had a talent for singing and writing music since she was five years old.

Ellan thier mother let out a few tears she knew her daughter always had a great nak for singing

"That was beautiful dear!"

Reba smiled giggled and took a bow. Reba was confident about her singing as she practiced day and night never stopping only problem she had was writing fresh New song from the heart "Thanks mom!"

"Your turn Renna" Ellan looked at her beautful blonde daughter. Renna smiled pushing her long hair out of her face.

"Aaaaahhh take me down the......." Sudeenly a bug flew down Renna thought casing her to fall on her knees choke and cough up blood. She felt burning in her throat.

"Sis!" Reba quickly helped her and got the bug out.

"Get off me! Get off me!" Renna whined pushing her off with a bit of anger in her blue eyes.

Ellan looked at her daughter with a confused look.

"She helped you dear sometimes I just dont understand whats wrong with you."

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