Banjo Bill is one of the reoccurring characters on the Surround Productions YouTube Channel, though he makes very few appearances.

He originally appeared as his own standalone character, but eventually evolved into one of The Phantom's henchmen.

Character Edit

Banjo Bill resides in Los Angeles, California, with his wife and children, however, they never appear onscreen and it's likely that we'll never see his LA residence.

Otherwise, he resides in Illinois and used to work with The Phantom of Darkness. However, in The Christmas-Eve Masquerade-accre, he turns on him and blasts him with a shotgun.

He can't play the banjo very well.

Appearance Edit

Bill is extremely fat and his shirts very depending on the video.

He has blonde hair and a mustache.

He is often seen with his banjo, and the name implies.

History Edit

Bill first appeared in "This fat guy's jeans song".

Trivia Edit

  • Banjo Bill's mustache has been many different colors, in his debut it is the same color as his hair. In The Thick Man Comes Back, his mustache is black. It was black for the rest of the time afterwards.
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